Beyond the liveliness of this wonderful passage, bringing the eager believer from place to place – from the marketplace (1-2), the kingdom (3-5), before a pardoning priest (6-8), beneath a rain or snow shower (9-11), and lastly a walk in a most splendid garden (12-13), Isaiah 55 centers upon “Chesed” – translated sure “mercies” in the Old King James (verse 4). This is the OT way of saying grace, and the word “mercy” cannot bring out the fullness of this central, salvific term. Highlighting the teaching of the chapter, we can see in these 13 verses a full portrait of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. What do you think of grace? This is what Isaiah reports by the inspiration of God: grace is free, satisfying, enlivening, eternal, covenantal, sure, worldwide, timely, available upon simplest of terms, transcendent, divine, wonderful, effectual, fruitful, changes everything, and exalts God.

“Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and delight yourself in abundance.” (Isa 55:2)